Lil Starz

Welcome to Lil Starz! It is a cozy and loving place to be. Our volunteer team is here to meet the need of your precious baby. Our team sings, plays, and prays with the children to express God's love.

We love children! At Word of Faith Center we provide a secure, nurturing, and fun environment, where kids learn about Jesus. All kids classrooms and activities take place upstairs on the second floor. We offer creative and fun experiences for children in every age group.

We believe that coming to church is a family activity and that your baby is a special gift from God. It is our wish to be, as much as possible, an extension of your home as we provide quality care and a safe atmosphere that is loving and pleasant for your little one.

The Lil Starz nursery is open during all Sunday services, Sunday School, Wednesday evening services, Friday services, and other church reunions and celebrations as announced. It is divided into different age groups with signs designating each classroom (0-12 months, 1 year - 24 months, 2 years - 36 months, and 3-5 year olds).